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Book after Ultimate Japanese

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Book after Ultimate Japanese

Postby JacopoMTK » Wed 12.28.2011 6:17 am

Hi everyone,

I'm at 3/4 of this book [Ultimate Japanese].And i was wondering what to take next.But there's a problem:
The book i've just studied contained a LOT of grammar so basically now i've learned grammar but...i'm having bad time during conversation and listening because when i build a sentence i pass a tons of grammar rules that slow me down,that means that i've problem with listening...

So i thought to need more than one book,one to review with more exercise (U J has very few exercise) what i learned so far with Ultimate Japanese,and one to increase the knowledge level.

What books do you advice?

For review i was taking a look to Genki textbook/workbook,but i saw that there are Genki I and Genki II,but i don't understand if are two different level,or if the "version" is different...

Another question is about "Minna no Nihongo" series,a lot of people reccomend them but i saw that they're only in kanji... :shock: How can a basic book be in Kanji only?
I could also consider them for a review.

At the end...i know the grammar in the book but i it's hard to have a conversation
I don't really know what to buy.

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Book after Ultimate Japanese

Postby Shiroisan » Wed 12.28.2011 8:37 am

Genki is one volume split into two textbooks. The volume has 23 chapters; 12 in the first book, 11 in the second book, and teaches around 317 kanji total. I like these books a lot.

There are two editions, so watch out for that:
Genki I [Second Edition] Genki 2 [Second Edition],
Genki 1 [First Edition and outdated] Genki 2 [ First Edition and outdated]

However, if you're looking to practice rather than learn, you may just want to buy the Genki Workbooks or something.

As for minna no nihongo, it's not only in "kanji" so I don't know where you got that idea. The kanji used have furigana so that you can read the kana instead. If you meant that it's only in Japanese, this is true but you can buy a translation book separately that translates everything in the textbook.
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Re: Book after Ultimate Japanese

Postby JacopoMTK » Sat 12.31.2011 2:16 pm

Ok,i'll try those workbook,hopefully the topic list will be the same as Ultimate Japanese ones.One question,the books have the solutions for every exercise?

I thought it was kanji-only because i read a review saying that :roll: Aaaanyway,i think i'll try Genki because workbooks are pretty cheap.

Now,any advice to ... be more fluent and avoid of thinking of all the grammar i've learned before making any sentence?
I usually think up about random dialog / situation and try to make sentence progressively more complex.
Any method you use that i can try? :)

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