Hello from Germany!

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Hello from Germany!

Post by FujiwaraNoTobi » Sun 01.01.2012 4:34 am

I'm Tobi, I'm 16 years old and from Germany. I'm currently studying at a school for information technology, aiming to become an IT-Specialist for application-development.

My hobbies include taking night walks, reading and writing poetry, sleeping (yes, that can be a hobby, I'm very peaceful) and playing a game series called 東方Project. Moreover, I'm always eager to find out how malicious software works, so I sometimes end up infecting the one or other virtual machine.

I like doing things at my own pace and I'm always very curious about practically anything. It's almost like I'm addicted to learning. I also tend to take things rather seriously. Other than that, I won't bite. =)

What led me here is, that I like the Japanese culture very much and I decided to learn it, seeing that as a huge chance to broaden my horizon. Learning a language will give me more access to that which I seek: wisdom.

I hope to make new friends and also, to get along with you all.
Happy new year, by the way. =)

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Re: Hello from Germany!

Post by phreadom » Mon 01.02.2012 6:24 pm

明けましておめでとう! TJPへようこそ! :bow:

(Happy New Year, and welcome to TJP!) :wave:

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