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Postby A. Tyler » Mon 01.02.2012 4:37 am

Uhm, はじめまして。わたしはアンドルーです。ねこでわありません。
(I could perhaps swap out わたしは with なまえは, right?)
I hope that's right. Please let me know if that's incorrect. o.o

I figured that if the title was a bit weird, someone might open it up and give it a read. I guess I got you to open it, heh.

I don't know a whole lot of Japanese as of now, but what I do know I have learned from TJP almost exclusively and it's by far the best place I've found. I've gotten down the HIragana and I'm up to the N's in Katakana. Hooray, progress!
I finally decided I should emerge from the "guest" side and add a number to the users side. So, here I am.

The most confusing thing I've come across as of now is the similarities between シ, ソ, ツ and ン. I realize it's similar to that of t and f or O and Q in English. It's just that I'm a leftie and getting those angles right is really difficult! Practice makes perfect.

I hope to be here for a long time. Thanks for hosting this magnificent website, and good luck to all you other learners of Japanese.
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Re: メロンパン

Postby Ongakuka » Mon 01.02.2012 10:41 am

TJP is surely the best place :D welcome and nice to meet you!

(I could perhaps swap out わたしは with なまえは, right?)

Yes you could!


This should be は as in the わたしは, not わ (you'll get used to this)

It's just that I'm a leftie

I'm afraid to say it but you might be having a problem with Kanji then. Kanji stroke-orders are designed for righties, or so I am told. However, my good friend is left handed and so keen that his kanji are more beautiful than anyone I know :D
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Re: メロンパン

Postby becki_kanou » Mon 01.02.2012 10:16 pm

Hello and welcome! Good luck in your studies!
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