People who use kanji that they can't read.

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People who use kanji that they can't read.

Post by Shiroisan » Sat 12.31.2011 7:55 am

With the advent of computer technology, both native and foreign speakers of Japanese can make 20 stroke kanji with the press of 2 buttons. Japan is reportedly worried about the generation of young people who are not holding on to more and more kanji because the computers do it for them.

And among foreign learners, I have slowly become aware that there are actually learners out there who type out their sentences and press the "kanjify" button, regardless of whether or not they have the slightest clue as to what any of the kanji will be, or even know what they are once they see it.:shock: Most of the time the computer picks the right one, but it seems extremely ridiculous to me. Personally I can't believe someone would submit something that they can't even read themselves.

One could theoretically make an argument that, upon pressing the "kanjify" button for every sentence you make, you may slowly grow to recognize the kanji that you're making naturally. But what do you think of that? Is it counter-intuitive, or is it a valid form of practice?

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Re: People who use kanji that they can't read.

Post by furrykef » Sat 12.31.2011 7:29 pm

There's a term for people who are overly reliant on the IME to produce kanji: ワープロ馬鹿.

As for learners, I have to agree that using the IME to come up with the kanji for you is a bad idea. You're very liable to pick the wrong kanji if you can't read them. If you recognize the kanji and know it's the right one for the word you're typing, that's one thing -- I have plenty of moments like this myself -- but doing it blindly is just silly. If you don't know the correct kanji then you should look up the word. If this means you're going to be looking up too many words, you're probably in over your head as it is.

In any case, it's very valuable to learn how to write, not just recognize, kanji, because my experience has shown to me that production is more valuable than recognition. In other words, knowing how to write a word in kanji will help you recognize the kanji when you see them more than vice versa.
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Re: People who use kanji that they can't read.

Post by Ranja » Sun 01.01.2012 8:21 am



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Re: People who use kanji that they can't read.

Post by LordOfTheFlies » Mon 01.02.2012 3:44 pm


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Re: People who use kanji that they can't read.

Post by Ongakuka » Mon 01.02.2012 8:13 pm

日本語に「漢字」がある限り、漢字の読み方、書き方、漢字の歴史などを学びたい人もいるでしょう。 Let us not forget that Japanese Kanji have survived and indeed evolved through periods when most people could not even write in Hiragana :P

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