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Postby hyounokihaku » Sun 12.25.2005 6:42 pm

こんいちは、 どうぞよろしく!

i'm new here at this website, and i want to introduce myself!

I'm moos, from holland, and i love this language, no, i adore this language. i (how original) heard the language in the episodes of dragonball, Z, and GT, and Naruto, and i want to learn this language so badly! It's such a beautiful language, and this site has helped me a lot already to pick up some basic vocabs and some child grammar :D

Keep up the good work!

P.S.: I named myself 豹の気迫. Does this indeed mean spirit of the panther? I hope so :)
わたしは 豹の気迫 です よ!
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RE: こんばんは!!

Postby Christian_ » Mon 12.26.2005 1:45 am

始めまして 豹の気迫さん。 Feel free to ask questions, theres lots of experienced people here that would be happy to answer any questions. See you around the fourms. By the way if 豹 means panther then I think your name means spirt of the panther.;)
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RE: こんばんは!!

Postby Zeo » Mon 12.26.2005 7:55 pm

Hello, hello.

Welcome to this site;)
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RE: こんばんは!!

Postby Sachi » Mon 12.26.2005 8:30 pm

Welcome! I'm still pretty new to Japanese myself, but would be glad to help you if I can! Ganbatte = good luck! ^^
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RE: こんばんは!!

Postby Daisuke » Mon 12.26.2005 8:51 pm

Welcome moos. Have fun here. :)
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