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Different Verb Pairs?

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Different Verb Pairs?

Postby kentaku_sama » Sat 01.07.2012 2:12 am

What do verb pairs mean in japanese such as 

あげる ~ のぼる  : Raise; elevate
さめる ~ ひえる  : Grow cold  

I can't seem to figure out what this means, are they just different words for the same verbs? 
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Re: Different Verb Pairs?

Postby Ongakuka » Sat 01.07.2012 6:03 am

のぼる is 'climb'(Sometimes when it is written as 上る it focuses on the idea of ascent rather than focusing on the physical climbing aspect.)

ひえる Is something becoming cool or cold, whereas さめる Is something that was warm (often purposefully heated) or high level emotions becoming calmer etc.

It' s all in the dictionary.
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