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Postby Dr. Love » Sat 01.07.2012 6:19 pm

So, my friend and I have been arguing about this.
Do you need a period when you ask a question?
He says no, I say yes.
Your insight would be appreciated.
Dr. Love
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Re: 句点

Postby NileCat » Sun 01.08.2012 10:41 am

1. Before Western culture was imported, we didn’t have the question mark "?".
2. In the proper grammar, every sentence should end with a period "。".

So, you can end your question sentence with a period or a question mark today. But a proper sentence requires one of them.
元気ですか? (many people use "?" today)
元気ですか。 (would seem more polite/proper/traditional)
However, you can omit the period in titles, in captions, or in short messages, like you do in English.

Hope it helps.
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