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Postby nikhilkhullar » Tue 01.10.2012 10:16 pm

Ha ji me ma shi te friends...
Watashi wa Nikhil desu.
Yoroshiku one gai shimasu... :)

I am a software engineer by profession, and a hobbyist musician. Presently, I happen to be an Indian working for Samsung in South Korea and am learning (or should I say, loving) Nihongo.

I dream of being to Japan oneday, and the pursuit of Japanese will be a long battle and so far, am enjoying the challenges.
I have begun five days ago, and am through with a few basic phrases and around 15 Hiragana characters. Hope to make great friends here...:)

Warm Regards,
Nikhil Khullar

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...
The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step...
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Re: Hello

Postby phreadom » Thu 01.12.2012 7:36 pm

hajimemashite! TJP e youkoso! (Welcome to TJP!) :wave:
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