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Need Help

Post by nikhilkhullar » Sat 01.14.2012 4:19 am

Konnichiwa friends...

I have learnt the basic particles in Japanese grammar like -wa(topic marker), -ga(subject marker), -o(object marker), -ni(toward or where something exists), -kara, -made, -de, -to etc.

I am looking for some tool where I can type Romaji (since my Kana is not perfect yet !) and get English translations. It would be great to test around my sentence formations.

Please let me know if you have any idea of a tool capable of doing this. Otherwise, I will just post a few sentences here and seek help from TJP's great friends to correct them for me... :)

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Re: Need Help

Post by Ema » Mon 01.16.2012 3:36 pm

Ok this might be more basic than you are looking for, but you can set up your keyboard to accept kotoeri input and you type in "romaji" and hiragana pops out on your text instead. Then you can highlight your word and keep hitting the space bar or return key (or something, sorry I never use this) on the Mac to see a katagana option, and various kanji options.

I like the international keyboard on the ipad better though, it gives you the selections across the top so you can see more than one option at a time. The toggling through the options on the Mac makes me literally dizzy.

Oh I forgot to add, use a dictionary (I like to look up your words and meanings.

I read books with denchijisho on my ipod to help me. (it is the mobile version of the website listed above)

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