WooHoo! Hi Everyone

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WooHoo! Hi Everyone

Post by sirex » Sun 02.05.2012 4:50 pm

Firstly thank to phreadom for fixing my login XD

I'm Alan, I dont mind my name being known XD
28... I think (counts on fingers :think: ) yeah 28,
From the south west of scotland in pretty ayrshire XD

I picked up clay's book on the kindle app on my phone 2-3 weeks back, japanese is something i've wanted to learn but never had time.
Being a new year and all I thought hey why not.
So week before I was on about.com, helpful but not if you know what I mean.
Most of it was over my head.
So i was messing around on kindle, seen the book, and thought lets look see.
Sample pages where AMASING!
So i up and bought it.

I'm slowly working my way thru the pages, at my pace, no rush...
infact i'm still on the a list...
I keep using my english vowel order when i'm running thru them in my head..

anyway I found the link on the book, thought lets see what there is.
and i could not be more amazed!
so much on here, sounds, writing aids, i printed out the 1000 kanji (i made a book XD)
I've colored in the grade 1 stuff from the japanese education list, which i will learn once i feel confident on my kana.

So here I am, signed up and just starting, but even if i never get to use what I learn, i know i've done it XD

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Re: WooHoo! Hi Everyone

Post by phreadom » Sun 02.05.2012 6:19 pm

Welcome to TJP Alan-san! :D

Glad I could help! (And sorry I didn't do so sooner!) :bow:

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Re: WooHoo! Hi Everyone

Post by Tesse23 » Sat 02.11.2012 9:15 am

Hajimemashite Alan! It is a pleasure to meet you.
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Re: WooHoo! Hi Everyone

Post by sirex » Mon 02.13.2012 8:01 pm

Thank you for the warm welcomes, here and in the chat when i've been on.

I'm not sure if they are a good idea or not, but I have a CD of some Japanese pop songs in the car.
If anything they are helping me pick up the word gaps.
I'm actually starting to pick out the sounds from them, and the sounds i do know i hear them clearly, ones i dont i still hear but i cant visualise them...

So my mornings and afternoons are filled with happy go lucky pop songs :dance: :whistle:
Although I have no idea what they are saying, but I picked them because I could hear the vocals better.

I've been kind of lax the last week or so, but I've got a week off work, so onces the schools go back so do I XD

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Re: WooHoo! Hi Everyone

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Mon 02.13.2012 8:17 pm

If you're listening to Jpop anyway, I think it's worthwhile to look up the lyrics online and look up all of the words, if you haven't already.

I find that music is excellent vocabulary reinforcement, but because of lyric styles the grammar is all mixed up, and because it's sung, it's not really good listening or pronunciation practice when it comes to speaking.

While I wouldn't recommend it as a study technique... it's fine to do it just for enjoying it and while you're at it, get a little vocabulary reinforcement out of it.

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