Hello minna san

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Hello minna san

Post by tokyotower » Fri 01.13.2012 5:24 am

I'm new and I 'm studing japanese for almost 2 years, but still it's so hard for me
because I don't have money to purchase books , so I read forums in english language, and because of that, sometimes I'm more slow to understand rules of grammar etc...
(even if I understand english at 80%) still I wish to have a real 'book' to study, because I can use my pencil to evidenziate things that I need to remember most, and other things.

I hope I'll find here the answers of some translations that I'm not able to understand yet, so that I'll learn more new things of this language's path.

Thank you to all people who help others to understand!

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Re: Hello minna san

Post by Tesse23 » Sat 02.11.2012 9:15 am

So nice to meet you!
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