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Greetings from Kinki

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Greetings from Kinki

Postby ShiningPurple » Wed 02.29.2012 3:48 am


I'm a Brit currently doing a short-term exchange programme at a Japanese university. Since I got here last autumn my Japanese hasn't exactly improved that much, haa~. I've been studying Japanese formally for the past few years and it amazes me when I see people managing to self-study and get to the point where they can pass high levels of the JLPT. I'm awful at studying, and the thought of drilling kanji and vocabulary makes me feel ill.

However, seeing people that manage to put in the effort should motivate me (hopefully) and so I've joined this site!

Tips of the trade are welcome, and don't hesitate to correct my Japanese (if I ever actually use it). And motivate me, motivate me good.

よろしくお願い致します m(_ _)m
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