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MoarMooMooPlz has joined the party!

Post by MoarMooMooPlz » Sun 03.04.2012 12:19 am

Hello everyone!

My username is MoarMooMooPlz but you can just call me Moo or MooMoo haha!
I used to use this site back in...2001...2004 I believe? It was a REALLY long time ago...I can't remember. But Mr. Busy knocked on my door and decided to live with me for all those years (without paying rent, mind you!) and I lost all my Japanese and was not able to remember a thing! The same goes for my French and Spanish... ;_;

But no need to drag myself over the issue in sadness. All I have to do is get back on the road to recovery and start learning from square one all over again. After seeing this page improve ten folds, I thought awesome! I'll support them even further by joining! I'm so glad this page has gotten so far, because I remember the last time I saw it, wasn't as great as this but still good! Amazing how much time flies by...

So I hope you welcome me back into the journey of learning this language together. Please take good care of me and I will do so in turn! Let's do this together!


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