Short Interactive Manga

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Short Interactive Manga

Post by celticflower » Fri 03.09.2012 2:37 am

This is fun if you have a few minutes to spare, good for listening and reading practice too I bet.

You click on the speech bubbles and the manga is acted out for you as you go (like a radio play or drama cd), they even do some of the sound effects.

At the bottom it offers a translation of the speech bubble you've clicked and explanation of the various sound effects.

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Re: Short Interactive Manga

Post by Stefan » Fri 09.21.2012 3:58 pm

good stuff Thanks.

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Re: Short Interactive Manga

Post by furrykef » Sun 09.23.2012 7:31 am

Hmm, dunno how I missed this link the first time around.

It's a whole site; they have a couple of other manga as well as other stuff. Check it out.
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