Village Festival - - song

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Village Festival - - song

Post by themonk » Thu 03.22.2012 3:10 pm

Second verse:

年も 豊年 まんさく で
村は そうでの おおまつり
don don hyarara don hyarara
夜まで 賑わう みやのもり

I cannot figure out the bolded parts.

The translation is as follows:
Having a fruitful harvest,
Villagers are all out to celebrate.
Don don don...
Til the night, festivities carry on in the village.

Thank you in advance.

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Re: Village Festival - - song

Post by yangmuye » Thu 03.22.2012 3:35 pm

そうで→総出, that everyone goes out

みやのもり→宮の森, seems to be a place name. It's grammatically modified by the preceding clause, but semantically the actual subject of the whole poem.

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