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First time to Japan.

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First time to Japan.

Postby datdo » Wed 03.21.2012 12:47 pm

So I just got my first job and they're giving me a nice starting bonus. I want to use it for a trip to Japan but its my first time and I'm not exactly sure where to go or what I want to see or do (besides go to Osaka and eat everything). I know that the trip has to be between my graduation and my first day of work which gives me a two week window.

What are some good itineraries? Should I hostel hop around cities for a week? Should I stay with a host family? Are there other options? Should I find a friend to come with me?
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Re: First time to Japan.

Postby Shiroisan » Wed 03.21.2012 5:36 pm

Just a few days of host familying? Does such a thing really exist? :doh:

Anyways, for me my first must-see stop of Japan will be Nara and it's world famous temples.
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Re: First time to Japan.

Postby datdo » Wed 03.21.2012 5:55 pm

okay Nara is now on my list. I guess I could spend time in the Nara-Osaka-Kyoto area for a half or full week and then visit tokyo for the rest of the time.

Any other places I should visit and or any suggestions for things to see in Tokyo?

Oh and I have found programs that do week long homestays. It would probably work for the first half of the trip.
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Re: First time to Japan.

Postby Nightmist » Tue 03.27.2012 2:10 am

Hi there,

If you want to see Japan from the inside instead of just being completely Touristy I think Couchsurfing would be a good idea.
You can both stay with the people or they can guide you around the area you are staying at.
Firstly it's free and second you get to experience a whole different Japan with a native than you would by yourself.
Else I think you could easily spend a week in Tokyo without lacking things to do. There is the imperial gardens, Tokyo Dome, Asakusa, Shinjuku and Shibuya for starters.
Also if you have the time you should go to the top floor of the government building in Shinjuku, it has a great view over Tokyo and it looks especially pretty in sunset.
But I guess depending on your interests I would advice different things.
Anyway, I hope you have fun in Japan! It's a great Country :)
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