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View topic - 犯人をどこかで見ましたか/particles PROBLEM.

犯人をどこかで見ましたか/particles PROBLEM.

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犯人をどこかで見ましたか/particles PROBLEM.

Postby damkay » Tue 03.27.2012 1:57 pm

犯人をどこかで見ましたか/hannin o dokoka de mimashita ka

HI, could please any one explain me, in depth, the use the the particles wo and de, i'm reading the tae kim's guide but i just not enought explanation because the を marks the object of the verb, ok, but why is there a で even when を is used???
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Re: 犯人をどこかで見ましたか/particles PROBLEM.

Postby yangmuye » Tue 03.27.2012 2:00 pm

どこかで means somewhere
で marks locative.
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