3000 words by New years or bust

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Re: 3000 words by New years or bust

Post by Stefan » Mon 04.02.2012 1:23 pm

Thanks guys.

Yes I'll be using anki for the very purpose of spaced time reviewing.

For the sentences I mean making 10 sentences for each word I have
So let's say one of my words is 切り抜ける~to get through (a situation) or cut through something

i'll make up 10 different sentences with that word to make sure i understand the meaning, then give it to my roommate for confirmation that i understand the meaning. Just written on regular paper not using anki or anything.

That's great advice that i will keep in mind.

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Re: 3000 words by New years or bust

Post by furrykef » Tue 04.03.2012 8:43 pm

Making up sentences is not something I would recommend unless you have them verified by a native speaker. And never make up sentences for Anki without such verification until you've got a pretty good grasp of Japanese grammar and its pitfalls. (Even then, I virtually never make up my own sentences. I might cut down a longer sentence into a shorter one, but even then you have to be careful.)

Here's why:
* 熱い means "hot"
* 水 is "water"

So, how do you say "hot water"?

Why, it's お湯, of course. What's that? You said 熱い水? Sorry, nobody says that. ;)
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Re: 3000 words by New years or bust

Post by Stefan » Tue 04.03.2012 10:29 pm

i have pretty good grammar and in my earlier posts i said that my roommate was a native Japanese person.

I do appreciate the advice that you said though. esp about cutting already made sentences into smaller ones

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Re: 3000 words by New years or bust

Post by Ongakuka » Tue 04.03.2012 10:30 pm

Why, it's お湯, of course. What's that? You said 熱い水? Sorry, nobody says that.
On the other hand, this can be a good way to learn in itself. If people are willing to point out your mistakes, you'll learn faster by being active and making them. It isn't fun making mistakes, and personally I get very nervous about making mistakes with spoken Japanese, but this is something I have to overcome if I want to really improve my speaking.

I agree that making up sentences and keeping them to yourself will be of little benefit. But making up sentences familiarizes oneself with the vocab and grammar that they have learnt. I'd even go as far to say that it is important for a language learner to do so.

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Re: 3000 words by New years or bust

Post by Joey 鷹 Vega » Tue 04.17.2012 5:05 pm

That's what I'm doing in my language learning, currently I'm learning Spanish words that I have forgotten when I was growing up. So I had a frustrated moment where I wanted to know the words that used in daily conversations and didn't know which words since I know mostly all the words in English, so what I did is search for some Vocabulary lists of common words in English and for me to translate em in Spanish. I've found a website which was the vocabulary lists from spelling books Houghton Mifflin, the same books that I used for leaning English words from 1st grade to 6th grade words. Took a while to write down all of it with translated words in Spanish by looking in the Spanish dictionary and asking my parents which word is used, luckily when I look at the English words I was able to remember which words were in Spanish. And so I started making sentences in Spanish, although it can be really frustrating when you do it cause you don't know what words are used, how to say it in that particular language and just really make you want to rush through the list to know all the words which is a bad thing.

So I'm able to remember some of the words that I used from my sentences and able to remember the meanings plus being able to speak it. What I'm trying to say is that the best way to remember words and speaking a different language is to use the language that you are learning only, forget your native language, try to avoid using english when speaking to native Japanese etc. Like I said, when learning a language, you are like a child who is learning how to speak that language and remembering the words. I'm not saying to act like a child, but to try to communicate. That's what I'm doing for my spanish words, I avoid of speaking English and keep speaking spanish to my parents only. Even when I have questions for certain words that I don't know I avoid saying the English ones and try to say the words as best I can in spanish. Try to use some of the words and grammar that you've learned so far and keep going at it with the new words, go over the words and grammar you've learned, Use resources like books, videos, etc.
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