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Post by kuroi » Tue 12.27.2005 12:41 pm

konnichiwa! hajimemashite!

i joined here, a while ago and i never thought of saying "Hi!"

well, hello all! i've been learning Japanese since, June this year and im hoping this website will help me with my study! ^_______^

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RE: hajimemashite!

Post by Mariya » Tue 12.27.2005 5:57 pm

Konnichiwa, nice to have you here...^_^. This site will definitely help you...you got all of us here ;)

See you around the forums~!

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RE: hajimemashite!

Post by Zeo » Tue 12.27.2005 7:17 pm

Hello, hello!

And have fun learning japanese :) ;)

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RE: hajimemashite!

Post by Christian_ » Tue 12.27.2005 8:45 pm


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