What's your favourite anime?

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by pomka » Wed 10.20.2010 3:24 am

NaNa !!! <3

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by tuber97 » Thu 11.11.2010 3:32 am

Hmm...For TV series, it would have to be Soul Eater (hence my signature). For movies, it's either Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke. :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :sleepy: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja: :ninja:

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by micahcowan » Thu 11.11.2010 2:35 pm

Princess Mononoke is one of my all-time favorites, too, possibly tied with Ghost in the Shell.

Spirited Away is both magical and beautiful, and very enjoyable, but I feel it loses out to Mononoke and some others due to the story, which I always thought felt like it was just made up on the fly... Zeniba appears to be some spiteful malignant witch, but then when she travels to see her, she turns out to be more of a loving grandmother type. She then has her friends make her a hair-band which is supposed to protect her, but then it never seems to come up again, apart from sparkling in the sun at the end of the movie to indicate to her (and to the viewers?) that the story really did take place, and she didn't dream it all up. Mononoke felt like it had a more coherent story.

Not that coherent stories are the rule of the day for アニメ (I think Japanese storytelling tends to place greater emphasis on other things, such as a sense of wonder), but still...

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by cecirdr » Sun 12.26.2010 3:15 pm

So far...

Serial Experiments Lain ...favorite so far
El Cazador de la Bruja (the soundtrack...OMG the soundtrack!) and Noir
Revolutionary Girl Utena
My Neighbor Totoro

I finally found a set of Haibane-Renmei for a decent cost. I'm betting it'll be up there with Lain since I've been told be several people that if you liked Lain, you'll like this.

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Chiv » Sun 02.06.2011 10:22 am

Code Geass and Persona Trinity Soul are top :ninja:
And Darker Then Black is great, too.
Durarara and Baccano also are top class.
Pff, every anime I saw so far is just great in some way :shock:
I´m still here.

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by ceicli » Sat 02.26.2011 4:10 am

I have many animés that I think is good, but Fruits Basket, School Rumble and Samurai Champloo are just a noch above the rest.
It might be that the relations develop at the same time there are humor.
And even if it can be hard to detect sometimes, there are also personal insights that give them depth.

I just wish that the Fruits Basket animé was like the finished manga, because tha manga are really superb, a huge favourite of mine.
Everything is just more... and better!
And the animé is a jem in it self. =)

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Maix » Sat 04.02.2011 12:48 am

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by ダラゴスちゃん » Wed 04.06.2011 7:18 am

Currently, I'm watching フェアリーテイル (FAIRY TAIL). My favorite fansub group uploads the episodes in mkv format, so I can turn the subs on or off and try my best to interpret the japanese, which is a very good tool.

I'm also reading some manga at the moment: Welcome to the NHK. This one is funny, the main character satou thinks the NHK which stands for 日本放送協会 (Nippon Housou Kyoukai. lit. Japan Broadcasting Corporation is actually the 日本引きこもり協会 (Nippon Hikikomori Kyoukai. lit. Japan Hikikomori Corporation) whom he believes creates hikikomori. Another one I read is よつばと! which is just awesome, seriously read it!

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Budmas » Wed 04.06.2011 8:14 am

Though I can only find the episodes now on crackle.com, my favorite is Fist of the North Star.

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by Adriano » Wed 04.06.2011 11:28 am

☆君が望む永遠(Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien)

My first step from anime to drama addiction. :D
There's nothing like a deep emotional anime.

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by aru303 » Thu 05.05.2011 10:01 am

my favourite are:
death note
elflen lied
kimi ga nozomu eien
ergo proxy
eve no jikan :roll:

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by maboroshi638 » Mon 11.07.2011 12:51 pm

One Piece, Naruto, Dragonball and Crayon Shin Chan.
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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by kanjiman » Mon 03.12.2012 7:20 pm

Eureka Seven, Heroman, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and several others. :D

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by YondaimeMinato » Mon 03.26.2012 2:05 pm

Naruto ^_^

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Re: What's your favourite anime?

Post by bodoga » Wed 05.02.2012 5:40 am

Code Geass, Darker Than Black

Brawl Busters champ

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