Japanese Colors.

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Japanese Colors.

Post by KharismaticKayteh » Wed 05.09.2012 5:20 am

This isn't quite a grammar question, and I thought about placing this topic in the Translation area, but it didn't seem like the right place after I read the "before you post a translation" bit.

Anyway, today I was thinking about all the colors there are. There are simple ones -- red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, purple -- but there are also more specific ones -- navy blue or sky blue, lime green or olive green, etc.

I was just wondering if the Japanese also more specifically categorize colors this way, and what words they might use to do so. I don't expect anyone to post *every single Crayola color* they would use or anything, but lots and lots of variety in colors would be cool to hear. =3.

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Re: Japanese Colors.

Post by yangmuye » Wed 05.09.2012 8:18 am

It is said that there are only four type of colors: あか(ak) あを(aw) くろ(kur) しろ(sir)
You can use loan words and Chinese words to express more colors.
See 色名一覧 and 日本の色の一覧.

I have another question:
In Chinese, some colors are gradable.
E.g. 白→更白/最白 黒→更黒/最黒 紅→更紅/最紅 緑→更緑/最緑 青→更青/最青
Some are not.
E.g. 紅色→×更紅色 黄色→×最黄色
The first group of words are verb-like, while the second group of words are noun-like.
They are differentiated in predicate form: The first group of words MUST be preceded by adverbs of degree to tell the degree(不 is also an adverb in Chinese).

How about Japanese?

赤い・赤の 黒い・黒の 青い・青の 白い・白の 黄色い・黄色の 茶色い・茶色の 緑の 紫の 
Are they all gradable?

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