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Post by 1104331 » Wed 05.16.2012 12:20 pm

はじめまして! わたしは エリック です。 ぼくわ だいがくで にほんごを べんきょうしました。
どうぞ よろしく おねがいします。

Hello everyone! I'm Eric. I've learned basic Japanese language in university. Nice to meet all of you! :) I've confident that I've passed my Japanese test in University. I've learnt Minna no Nihongo (Chapter 1-7).
I plan to study Japanese language further because to me Japanese language is very unique. I hope, all the pros out there will help me out. Thanks.

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Re: Hi^^

Post by phreadom » Wed 05.16.2012 5:57 pm

Ericさん、TJPへようこそ! (Welcome to TJP!) :wave:

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