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Postby Espelancer » Wed 05.30.2012 2:46 pm



I hope that my Japanese is OK, I make mistakes all the time. It's nice to meet everyone! I am from Virginia Beach, Virginia, and I have been studying Japanese every day over the past year (although I did take 2 years of Japanese back in high school... 8 years ago). I'm hoping that I can learn to speak and understand the language well someday, since when I'm out of the Navy I plan on studying full time at Yamasa, and then participating in the JET Programme.

Here's a little shameless plug for the blog I'm starting -- I am attending Yamasa in July on the SILAC program, and I will be writing about my experience and observations during the trip. It's hard to find very many student blogs about Yamasa that are still online. If anyone is interested in Yamasa you should read about my trip this summer at http://espelancer.blogspot.com
Check out my blog, The Espelancer Chronicles! I will be writing about my experiences studying Japanese at the Yamasa Institute in Okazaki, Japan from July 16 - August 16, 2012 on the SILAC program, as well as oth
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Re: みんな、はじめまして!

Postby LordOfTheFlies » Thu 05.31.2012 7:02 pm

Espelancer wrote:よろしくおねがいします。僕はアメリカ人で、住んでいる町はバージニア・ビーチです。一年間ぐらい自分で毎日日本語を勉強します。いつか上手に話すようになりたいです。


Hi there and welcome to TJP! I hope you enjoy your stay. There are a few mistakes and strange sounding parts, I'll point them out and suggest a better way to phrase them.

First of all you don't say 「よろしくおねがいします」 at the beginning of an introduction, but at the very end.

「僕はアメリカ人で、住んでいる町はバージニア・ビーチです」 this part sounds a bit awkward, I'd recommend saying something like 「僕はEsperlancerです。バージニア・ビーチという町に住んでいるアメリカ人です。」

「一年間ぐらい自分で毎日日本語を勉強します。」 → 「一年くらい前から自分で日本語を毎日勉強しています。」 or 「一年間くらい、自分で日本語を毎日勉強しています。」

「いつか上手に話すようになりたいです。」 → 「いつか上手に話せるようになりたいです」, you need to use the potential form 話せる instead of 話す in this case.

「岡崎市へ勉強して行きたければ、読んだほうがいいですよ。」 → 「岡崎市で勉強したいと思う方(かた)は読んでくださいね」. The ~た方がいいです construction sounds a bit forceful in this case, a simple 読んでください is a lot better I believe.

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