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Hi everyone!

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Hi everyone!

Postby Leslie_burke » Wed 06.20.2012 5:42 am

Wow, I've finally decided to write on the forum, after having read many topics! I'm Italian, and my English isn't perfect, but I'm working on it! (On the 27th I'm going to England to improve it!).
Now I'm studying Japanese by myself, but next year I'll take private lessons by a Japanese teacher, to improve my speaking, that is my biggest problem (also if I have to say that I'm studying the forth lesson of Genki I, so I'm a very begginer!)
I think that this site/forum is very useful for Japanese learners!
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Re: Hi everyone!

Postby Ongakuka » Wed 06.20.2012 9:04 am

Hello Leslie, great to have you join the community. Good luck with your studies  :D

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