Does this make sense?

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Does this make sense?

Post by CardinalGuy724 » Sat 06.23.2012 11:36 am

Hey everybody, haven't been online in a while (because I've been enjoying Japan!) but have a quick question that I feel like I should know the answer to. Basically I want to say "Even though I'm looking forward to going to Osaka, I've already started to miss my friends in Sapporo.” The background is that I've been in sapporo for a few months and made good friends and am on my way to Osaka soon and won't see my friends again from this point on. I have this:


The part I'm not sure about is the "もう寂しく思うようになってきました”. I'm not 100% sure if a Japanese person reading that would understand what is meant or if the phrase sounds natural.


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Re: Does this make sense?

Post by Ongakuka » Sun 06.24.2012 5:16 pm

Hi :)

I'm pretty sure they would understand what it means, and it also seems grammatically correct to me, but I believe the natural way to express this is 恋しく思うようになりました (i.e think of fondly)

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