Hello Everyone

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Hello Everyone

Post by cheshiresilowet » Mon 06.25.2012 4:20 pm

I have dabbled in learning Japanese for the past year or so, and I thought it was about time to start getting serious about it. As with a lot of Americans,(in my opinion) I became interested in Japanese with Anime. I have also been very interested in the Japanese culture since I was little. I want to learn Japanese as a personal challenge and so that I am able to watch anime without "dub overs" or subtitles because I know there is a lot lost in translation. I would also like to one day visit Japan and get the full experience of the culture and way of life.

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Re: Hello Everyone

Post by shin4093 » Sun 07.01.2012 8:34 am

What a coincidence XD We have the exact same reasons for going here.

Hi! I'm Jerome. People call me Jirou. I'm quite a newbie here to be honest, so any friend I get here would be nice. Let's be friends.

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