Troubling particle in this sentence

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Troubling particle in this sentence

Post by ThePacster » Fri 07.06.2012 2:10 am

Been so long since I've been here, hello everyone. I feel like I've come pretty far in my studies, but there's always that one stumbling block that comes along eventually. I was reading something recently, and a particle in one of the sentences struck me as a little odd:

"今回は、この街住んで、この街が好きになった、そんな人がきっと現れるのではないかと感じた、「Casa de kei 成増」です。"

This is probably something simple that I'm over thinking, but when using the verb 住む I've never seen を used with it before. My only guess is perhaps it has to do with the literary style or a desire add emphasis. Any thoughts?

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Re: Troubling particle in this sentence

Post by Ranja » Fri 07.06.2012 6:22 am

AS you think correctly, it should be に grammatically.
Using を instead of に gives us some kind of impression of "to live eagerly/aggressively there" (close to 住みこなす).
It sometimes appears in a catch-phrase or something.


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Re: Troubling particle in this sentence

Post by furrykef » Fri 07.13.2012 11:12 am

Can't say I'm familiar with this construction, but the explanation reminds me of a bit in the Sega Genesis game Shadowrun. If you get in trouble with the cops, they say something like, "Come here, we wanna talk at ya." I was amused by how simply using "at" instead of "to" somehow implied something much more aggressive.
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