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Postby Kyiro » Thu 08.09.2012 12:06 am

Well, I just started lurking around this site around a week ago. I've learned a lot more here so far in a week than any other place or teaching program or whatever could teach. Anyway, so I'm really into anime and I've always wanted to be able to understand the characters in their native language rather than reading english subs, but not only that, I've also have always been very fascinated by the language. I also game a lot, mostly League of Legends if anyone knows of that. I've already mastered(mostly) Hiragana due to this site and my Katakana is getting close to that point. So, yea, I finally decided to say hi.

As a final note, I hope my topic is said as I think it is in Japanese. (I used konbanwa because at this moment of typing, it is currently evening for me, but do feel free to correct me if needed.)
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