Food names

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Food names

Post by MeitanteiJesus » Sat 08.11.2012 3:40 am

Ran into a list of food dishes, and was wondering if there was a resource somewhere I could reference for translations. Or I could just bug the nice people at TJP :P

ショウガ焼き = Grilled Ginger? Google images makes it seem like pork is involved.

豚天 = Pig Heaven! ... Deep fried pork? That's what it looks like on Google images.

肉巻き卵, I asked about this earlier, but forgot to ask about specifics, is it usually wrapped with any specific type of meat? Or is it just literally "Egg wrapped in meat"?

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Re: Food names

Post by echoecho » Mon 08.13.2012 8:20 am

ショウガ焼き = pan-fried with ginger. Pork is the most common meat used.
肉巻き卵, although the name doesn't specify, I think pork is common. Beef would also be a possibility.
豚天 , think 天ぷら

If you can't find them in dictionaries/wikipedia, I think the best bet is just to find a recipe site (like or ) and see what's in the ingredient list.

~焼き, I find, often doesn't map neatly onto an English cooking term (you also 焼く bread and there it's just "bake").

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