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Postby MeitanteiJesus » Fri 08.17.2012 9:48 pm

I know the phrase そんな所かしら can mean "Something like that", but can it also mean "That's enough of that for now" to transition into a new topic depending on context?


Also, is there a specific resource I could check for phrases like this which don't show up via a dictionary search?
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Re: そんな所かしら

Postby NileCat » Sat 08.18.2012 8:56 am

I think I know your trouble. Idiomatic expressions like that always annoy us, in any language, don’t they? The other day I came across an English expression goes like “That just about does it” and was totally puzzled. What the f*** is this? How can a non-native learner possibly make out this sort of expression?
…I find this website handy for people who study English although I have no idea if it works for people who study Japanese.

As for your first question, the subtle nuance there is kind of hard to explain in English because of the diversity of the nuance in contexts. I think the word “Okey” or “Yeah”, for instance, can be used in both of the situations: meaning “Something like that” and “That’s enough of that for now”. In that sense, you have freedom to translate the phrase そんな所かしら as “Yeah”. And if it is a casual conversation, simple “Kind of, anyway” might work. But I’m not sure about the specific nuance of these ambiguous English expressions. Ah, in short, that そんなところかしら(そんなところかな/そんな感じ) in casual conversation is sometimes used as something like “Uh huhs”. (Note: But it carries a little bit more meaning,...I think.)  
Hope it helps.

I’ve come up with a more logical explanation which might sound slightly more persuasive.
The phrase literally means “something like that” as you said. But it has a nuance like “<My conclusion is that is> something like that”. So it can wrap up the conversation depending on the flow of it because that’s the “conclusion”. :)
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Re: そんな所かしら

Postby MeitanteiJesus » Sat 08.18.2012 1:54 pm

Thanks for clearing that up! Seems like my journey to learn Japanese is gonna be a long one :D
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Re: そんな所かしら

Postby Mitto » Mon 08.20.2012 4:48 am

Hi, MeitanteiJesus

I think 明美 has just continued to her first sentence.
I mean, you can skip out the middle conversation like:

Then, as you think, そんな所かしら means "Something like that" or "That's all I have to say now".
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