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Postby maikumaiku » Tue 08.28.2012 5:48 pm

Hi there! I have a quick translation problem I hope you can help me with. I've come to the following sentence in a Doraemon comic. (The mother of the family is cleaning the house).

お母さん: ちらかしっばなしの、家の中で、うえ死にするかもしれないわ。

It says something about if things are scattered around..the inside of this house....it isn't known if people would starve to death?!!?

If anyone could help with this sentence I'd be very grateful!


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Re: ドラえもんのもんだい!

Postby richvh » Wed 08.29.2012 8:42 am

This really doesn't help much, but in the first phrase it should be っぱなし (ppanashi), not っばなし (bbanashi); voiced consonants don't get lengthened in native words.

My (probably poor) attempt: Maybe you'll make me die of hunger (work me to death?), the way you keep scattering stuff inside the house.
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Re: ドラえもんのもんだい!

Postby furrykef » Wed 09.05.2012 5:53 pm

maikumaiku wrote:it isn't known if people would starve to death?!!?

かもしれない is an idiom for "maybe". You've probably guessed that か and も are particles and しれない is from 知れる but don't worry about that. Just think of it as a single word: かもしれない = maybe. You'll also see it abbreviated to simply かも.
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