Where can I watch Japanese DUBBED Anime?

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Where can I watch Japanese DUBBED Anime?

Post by Hstar » Thu 08.30.2012 11:21 am

I like to make Anime GIFs and post them onto Tumblr but I don't want subbed videos, I need videos that are dubbed.

However some of the Animes I watch aren't dubbed in English, so as my title asks, Where CAN I watch and possibly download Japanese Dubbed Anime.

(I'm focusing more on websites where I can watch it, not torrent downloads but if you could give a variety of links both download websites for Japanese Anime and Streaming Websites it would be appreciated)

Thank You! :D

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Re: Where can I watch Japanese DUBBED Anime?

Post by richvh » Thu 08.30.2012 1:27 pm

Please note: no discussion of pirate sites allowed.
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Re: Where can I watch Japanese DUBBED Anime?

Post by phreadom » Thu 08.30.2012 6:53 pm

You could check the Free Legal Streaming Anime Master List v2

That's a list of free and legal online streaming anime, but I'm guessing most, if not all, of those are going subtitled? I really don't know. Your only other legal option would probably be to buy the DVDs when they're released. Those usually offer the option to watch in Japanese with subtitles disabled etc... or you can even buy the Japanese DVDs... many are released with a region encoding that allows them to be played outside Japan.

But short of something like those options, any other discussion would be in violation of the rules here on TJP (discussion of copyright infringing activities) and would result in a ban if continued. Good luck.

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