Translation from a Fashion Magazine.

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Translation from a Fashion Magazine.

Post by RichMusic81 » Sat 09.15.2012 1:59 pm

Hi all,

A friend of mine once appeared in a Japanese magazine and has never found out the meaning of the accomanying sentence to the picture.
I have been studying Japanese this year and know the words but can't quite get the actual meaning of the sentence.
Here it is:


I've got something along the lines of 'this is also for ladies', but am having trouble with the second sentence.

ジィスト I can only find out is 'just', which I presume refers to a clothing company perhaps, and テクwhich means 'tech'. It's the bits in between I having trouble with.


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Re: Translation from a Fashion Magazine.

Post by NileCat » Sat 09.15.2012 4:26 pm

Hi Rich,
It would be tough to get this kind of colloquial expression. :)

これもレディスで means “these too are ladies’", as you thought.

ジャストにはく would need an explanation. In this case, the expression ジャスト(just)に probably describes the way how he dresses those pants: like…not “sagging”, but dress “just” at the waist. Do you know what I mean?
NOT like this.

And, by ~がテクなのだ, he is telling that that is the “technique” when you put those pants for ladies on, which means he is telling the knack of the cool dressing.
The opposite word of ジャストに would be ルーズ(loose)に, I guess.

Makes sense? :D

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Re: Translation from a Fashion Magazine.

Post by furrykef » Sat 09.15.2012 10:06 pm

This explains why guessing the customer's expected price perfectly in the game Recettear is called a "just pin". In other words, ジャスト = exact.
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