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Postby Yu-u » Thu 10.11.2012 5:28 pm

"Halöle" is some German ?Dialect? for "Hallo", so HELLO!
As you already might have recognized, I'm German, currently living in the West of the country of Beer and Currywurst, enjoying the average life of an 14yo studying Japanese.
After struggling with several Textbooks like MnH, Genki, Some German ones I got stuck with JFE, currently ~9, so still a long way to go (although I started using it like a week ago and there wasn't much new stuff yet)!
I tried out Heisig two times, maybe I'll come back onto it after I got to a certain Level with my Usage of the Spoken Language - for now, I know about ~400 Kanji (plus a few more quite useless from Heisig), so quite a bit to work with - and YES, I'm a total friend of Kanji so far.
Although my main effort goes into Self Study with JFE and some extra sources (e.g. "Übungsbuch der Japanischen Grammatik", Takeshi Ozeki if I have trouble understanding the JFE grammar), I visit a 'regular' Japanese Course @my local college that started with MnH and now continues with Genki.
Plus, of course, I still go to school haha.
Apart from study, I enjoy Art and Design, for sports I'm pretty much the horse type. Music is maybe the thing that made all my studies roll - I've been into VK a few years ago, but dropped more and more bands until only Versailles and A[CE] left - as Versailles are about to disband, I'm almost out of that and now back into Metal, as played by Eluveitie, StS, Eis and such.
Thank you for Reading & Tschau!
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