Hey, everyone!

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Hey, everyone!

Post by Psykan » Tue 11.06.2012 8:53 am

...Wow, I like how organized this site is. I've been here before, but that was just to check it out.

Anyway, my (user)name is Psykan, as you can see. I live in Arizona, United States, and am a student "on hiatus" at Northern Arizona University. "On hiatus" because the program of study I was in before, forestry, proved to be incredibly stressful, what with the sheer amount of math and science involved. I left the university for the semester, and will return in January to pursue a major in international affairs (quite a change, I know). I love the idea of traveling around the world to make an impact in various countries.

I also love the idea of learning languages, which is why I'm here. I've been wanting to learn Japanese for a long time, now - since I was a kid. Unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to learn a foreign language until recently. I am currently learning Spanish, and have also taken up French. Adding Japanese to the mix will make things quite tough, I'm sure, but this is something I'm committing myself to. I will not back out of this unless I absolutely have to...though, I don't see what would prompt such an action.

Soooo, that's a bit of me in a nutshell. I'm glad to be here, and I'll try to be a regular!
Accept those for who they are, instead of rejecting them for who they are not.

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