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Postby Danylo_Lyczar » Wed 11.07.2012 5:14 pm

Hello everyone my name is Dan. I've been studying Japanese for almost two years now, although I'm self-taught so I'm nowhere near perfect! I have heard good things about this site so I decided to try it out and I was very impressed. I hope to learn a lot here!
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Re: こんにちわ!

Postby Ongakuka » Fri 11.09.2012 4:56 am

Hi Dan! I'm a fellow Englishman, and I started teaching myself Japanese when I was about your age. 日本語お上手ですね!これからも頑張ってください :D
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Re: こんにちわ!

Postby Nikari » Sat 11.10.2012 4:28 pm

こにちは! I am Ni Kari, I am also self taught and have been learning for about a year. I hope we can help each other out. :)
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Re: こんにちわ!

Postby chikara » Thu 11.15.2012 10:23 pm


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