Hello! New Japanese Learner...

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Hello! New Japanese Learner...

Post by daboom92 » Sat 12.29.2012 7:10 pm

Hello! I've recently taken up Japanese as my second language of choice to learn. However, I am out of school and teaching myself how to read, write and speak it. The speaking not so much though... <3 So, I plan on asking people who know how to read it for any questions that I may come across on. For those wondering, I am using the Genki 1 and 2 for my learning. There are some draw backs to self study though. So, I hope you guys can help. Did I repeat that?...Oh well :). So to start off...here I go.

I can read both hirigana and katakana, so no problems there. Still really slow at reading them though. I don't know any kanji at this time, but sooner or later this book will get to it...hopefully. That's it for now, aside from some basic vocab words, that's all I know.

So my first question is:

Can you help me find some words I'm looking for? I'm looking for the word "time." Note: this is in hirigana so no kanji yet. Still learning the basics.

This is during a conversation in Genki 1.

メアリー:すみません! いま なんじですか。

From what the book says it translates as follows:
Mary: Excuse me. What time is it now?

But when I translate it. I find these words.
すみません。:Excuse me.
いま: now
なん: What.

That's all I know for sure...I think :).

So I'm left with ...じ and ですか.

Would じ when it's attached to なん (なんじ) translate into "what time?"

and does です fill in "is" and "it?"

One last thing when か is at the end of a sentence, it indicates a question right?

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Re: Hello! New Japanese Learner...

Post by SakeIt2Me » Sun 12.30.2012 11:26 am

Yes, ji is the word for time. I found that I wanted to introduce myself to kanji before my textbook did, even though it introduces new kanji each chapter I want to use more sooner, at least for now. (I'm using Elementary Japanese by Yoko Hasegawa) It makes reading the sentences much simpler than trying to divide up those long, long lengths of hiragana into sentences!
Here is the kanji for time (ji) : 時

I believe you're correct with the other questions.

Welcome to TJP! I'm just an elementary learner myself :)
Maybe I will meet you one day, maybe Wednesday, maybe not...not

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