Problems with ~にいって

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Sameer Kale
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Problems with ~にいって

Post by Sameer Kale » Tue 01.01.2013 2:09 pm

Hello everyone, this is my first post, so forgive me if the format is not what you prefer.

I am having trouble with understanding this sentence.

This sentence I believe would mean "I want to go to John", but supposedly means "I want John to go there". More specifically, wouldn't ジョンに行って mean "go to John", and not "John to go"? I am confused here?

Thanks ahead for any help you can give me.

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Re: Problems with ~にいって

Post by Ranja » Wed 01.02.2013 2:15 am

Hello and welcome to TJP!

This sentence means "I want John to go there".
If you need to say "I want to go to John", then it should be
私はジョンのところ行きたい or 私はジョンのところ行きたい。

The points are
1. You can't use に with 行く when the destination is a person, because a person is not a place.
2. verb + ほしい is used to express the speaker's request to someone else, not the desire of himself.

おやくに たてたら さいわいです.(I hope this explanation helps you.)

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