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Practice Conversation

Feel free to practice writing in Japanese or romaji. Help each other out with corrections or replying back in Japanese

Re: Practice Conversation

Postby guptadh01 » Sat 12.15.2012 10:59 am

I would suggest bulid your vocabulary, and start using small sentances first. This will boost your confidence.
Also watch Animax if possible.....and listen online Japanese radio.
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby gikochinai-kinoko » Sun 12.16.2012 11:13 am

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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby 海賊狩り » Sun 12.16.2012 1:26 pm

FarCry3やHitmanAbsolutionが凄いんですね!FC3にスナイパーを買っていて(サイレンサーと一緒に :ninja: )たくさん遊んでいます。
Please be so kind to correct any errors I make while writing in Japanese.
I'll greatly appreciate it!
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby Kisha » Fri 01.18.2013 6:46 am


Don't take that sentence seriously. I'm just practicing a word I learned just recently (なやむ).
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby SomeCallMeChris » Fri 01.18.2013 11:19 am

I believe that should be

「なやむ」 is a verb, so it doesn't take a copula to finish the sentence.
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby thatsmymilkshake » Mon 01.21.2013 4:31 am

Just a head's up, mate, use "は" when used as a particle. As in "こんにちは" and "私は". "わ" is only used inside of a word. "こんにちは" actually happens to be two words. :P

But anyway, yeah, a conversation sounds awesome as!

こんいちは!スカイラです。ニュウジイランドからきました。オークランドでWhitecliffe大学で芸術の学生だ。または・・・すぐにそうなるでしょう。 :lol: :whistle:

よろしくね!がんばりましょうね! :D

P.S - This is way late. ;A; I'm sorry. Someone already most likely beat me to the "は" "わ" snippet. I'm always so tardy. ;A;
「君が美しい・・・本当に。・・・私の美しいネコ。ペットーペットーペットー!」 .*.
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby SomeCallMeChris » Mon 01.21.2013 12:20 pm

こんにちは, スカイラさん. ホワイトクリフと言う大学は聞いたことがありませんが、いい大学でしょうか。
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby RabidFox » Tue 10.22.2013 11:01 pm

私新しい演者です。 私日本語ビデオゲーム遣る 好きです。
Watashi atarashii enja desu. Watashi Nihongo bideogeemu yaru suki desu.

I am a new speaker. I like to play Japanese video games.
I am very new to writing Japanese. If I accidentally write something incorrectly, please don't take it the wrong way. I am very friendly and do not mean anything by anything.
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby felipeandres254 » Mon 01.20.2014 8:18 pm

... I don't get most of the conversation :cry:
guess, I have to practice more 日本語!
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Re: Practice Conversation

Postby schaumannk » Thu 01.23.2014 7:24 am

Sort of a non sequitur, but try keeping a diary/journal (日記、にっき) in Japanese. I started with simple stuff like:


As I learned more words and grammar my entries described more complex activities.
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