Help translating WWII Japanese flag

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Help translating WWII Japanese flag

Post by NickCT » Sat 02.09.2013 11:19 pm

Hi everyone,
I have a Japanese flag from WWII I was told was a battle flag, or a good luck flag given to a soldier wishing him luck in war and signed by family and friends. Would anyone be able to translate this for me and maybe confirm that? Thank you SO much for any help.

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Re: Help translating WWII Japanese flag

Post by furrykef » Sun 02.10.2013 9:08 pm

It's just a bunch of names. Nothing to translate here. Can't confirm the purpose of the flag, since I don't know anything about such customs.

Interestingly, some of the names at the top are upside-down, but not all of them.
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Re: Help translating WWII Japanese flag

Post by shin1ro » Wed 07.03.2013 2:28 am

Maybe too late but part of audience may be interested..

There are a few words, not names.
祝 : celebration
贈 : gift
函館市松(前?) : Hakodate city, Matsumae (place name in Hokkaido)
出征軍人後援 (しゅっせいぐんじんこうえん) : For support the soldier going to the front

At the upfont, there's a four kanji that seems not to be a name but wise idiom for gift (frequently loan from old famous Chinese story). But unfortunately I cannot identify the kanji and the idiom... ?抬??

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