"Genki I" and "Japanese For Everyone" textbook comparisons.

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Re: "Genki I" and "Japanese For Everyone" textbook compariso

Post by Elfeera » Fri 03.08.2013 7:18 pm

As I said in another topic, I'm using the Genki, it goes quite slowly, and does give some examples.
Japanese for busy People, goes faster, less explanation, but if you have studied it, this might be better, since the pace is higher.
Also: there are quite enough site online (browse through the forom) (eg Tae Kim's), if you learn easier from a screen.

I like paper and books, I can take it on the train, highlight, go back, and write on it, but some learn better with a tablet, or online.

It depends on your way of learning
I'm an absolute beginner.

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Re: "Genki I" and "Japanese For Everyone" textbook compariso

Post by sampaguita » Sat 03.09.2013 10:57 am

KBo650 wrote:I am looking to get back into the Japanese Language, and am in need of some advice. I took Japanese for 4yrs in High School, but have hardly used it in the 10yrs since. I would say I've still retained about 30% of what I learned. Which book would you recommend? I wouldn't mind starting from the beginning and re-building the foundation, but I'm open to any recommendations.

Thank you!
Depends on what the 30% is composed of. How much grammar do you remember? How much vocabulary, how much kanji? If you think you can fast track grammar, you can either go Japanese for Everyone (which doesn't do much for vocab or kanji) or Schaum's Outline for Japanese Grammar (gives you all the essentials). If you think you need more time to remember your vocab or kanji, Genki might be a good choice.

Or maybe what you need to do first is to watch videos and read books in Japanese to refresh your memory. I think you'll be able to get to where you were before in less time if you started with that than if you started with study books.

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Re: "Genki I" and "Japanese For Everyone" textbook compariso

Post by vebaev » Mon 09.09.2013 6:42 am

Dear all,

I have spotted the discussions about JFE in the forum so this is my first post :)

I started learning from the JFE and now I'm currently somewhere around lesson 5. The problem with JFE (and also Genki probably) is that in JFE they introduced new words 99% in hiragana, and not with its real kanji writing. So I'm in lesson 5 knowing probably know 200 vocabulary only in hiragana, and till know they introduced less than 10 kanji.

I know that there is vocabulary list at the back, the problem is that all dialogs and texts keep coming 95% in hiragana and these led to 1) difficulty distinguish part of the sentences as all is hiragana 2) hard to used to kanji and actually the real writing of the words....

I really like JFE but this features keep stopping me to continue using it? Can anyone recommend something? Is this normal for studying japanese or better move to other book?


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Re: "Genki I" and "Japanese For Everyone" textbook compariso

Post by vebaev » Sat 09.14.2013 6:21 am

The biggest difference between JFE and Genki (for me) and the reason I'm switching now from JFE to Genki is how kanji are introduced in these books.

I love JFE more than Genki!!! But unfortunately JFE are introducing very few kanji (using hiragana most of the time) and most of the kanji are just left for the vocabulary list to the end of the book. I totally love the dense/structure of JFE... but I understood after a while that I will not get used to the kanji in sentences if they are not in the texts of the book but in a vocab list.....And after I reached lesson 6 I and get used to see only 10 kanji in the texts I decided to go for Genki nevertheless is it a bit school-ish in the dialogs...

Let me know what do you think, an I doing the right decision?

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