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subbed or dubbed

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Re: subbed or dubbed

Postby pauro03 » Thu 04.25.2013 5:52 pm

Dubbers ruins the emotion of the voice used by the producers(or what they are called, artist?). So I go for the subbed. Originals shows best. :) でしょ?:)
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Re: subbed or dubbed

Postby baskerville » Fri 08.23.2013 12:55 pm

I never watch dubbed anime, Jdorama and film.
The voice actors sound really emotionless. Sometimes, they even change the script to adapt the story a bit into the local culture.

But yeah, if your intention is to learn Japanese from TV, watch them subbed in Japanese or remove the subs altogether :)
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Re: subbed or dubbed

Postby Drea Kirei » Fri 09.12.2014 5:43 am

It depends on whether or not I'm trying to multitask. If I'm doing something while watching the movie or show, then I'll choose dubbed. On the other hand, I think subs give us more emotion and info. So if I'm just concentrating on watching and not doing anything else, I'll definitely go for subtitles.
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Re: subbed or dubbed

Postby sintaku » Sat 09.13.2014 10:40 am

I prefer subbed. Mainly because it means I get to learn some of the language.
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