Question about learning Kanji

Have a textbook or grammar book that you find particularly helpful? What about a learning tip to share with others?
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Question about learning Kanji

Post by kkh40219 » Sun 05.19.2013 9:03 pm

This might be a confusing question, but I'll ask it anyway.
I've studied Chinese for 8 years and recently started learning Japanese.
The method of learning Chinese characters for me was always reading a text.
If I encountered a character that I did not recognize, my teacher would give the pronunciation and the meaning of it.
Then I would write an approach of the pronunciation of it next or above on it (in alphabet), and think of some examples that are used in everyday life.
The learning pace of this was for me around 6-13 characters a week.

So here's my question.
Is this approach also useful for self-learners who want to start learning Japanese or not?

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Re: Question about learning Kanji

Post by SomeCallMeChris » Mon 05.20.2013 11:28 am

Not exactly as you describe it, because Japanese characters can have more than one reading. However, if you instead say you'll look up or be told the pronunciation of the -word- then you could do something similar.

Since characters can have multiple pronunciations that go with particular words, this does make it quite important to understand Japanese conjugation thoroughly.

You can of course find materials that already have furigana (pronunciations) written in already, or use one of the rikaichan / rikaikun / rikaisama plugins to get deconjugation, pronunciation, and a gloss on mouseover if your material is viewable in a web browser.

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Re: Question about learning Kanji

Post by pauro03 » Mon 05.20.2013 3:15 pm

I suggest you memorize the kanji and incorporate it on your writings.. In that way, you will memorize it with a deeper meaning (More retention) other than memorizing it via pronunciation...
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