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The grass is always greener...

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The grass is always greener...

Postby mandolin » Thu 11.24.2005 12:22 pm

Since I learn rather well from both attempting to help people and from being corrected, I decided to try and find more forums dedicated to people learning japanese.

THIS forum is the most active, most helpful, most wonderful community to be found, bar none. Other boards seem to get around six responses a -year-, if they're lucky. And none are laid out quite so well with seperate sections for grammar, translation, etc.

I just wanted to say.... THANKS CLAY. Happy Thanksgiving!
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby L33TNINJA » Sat 11.26.2005 8:18 am

i second that! this is the best study site i know of!
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby clay » Sun 01.01.2006 12:15 am

Groovy! You guys make it a special place. Otherwise it would just be me twiddling my thumbs - and that isn't too much fun.
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby Infidel » Sun 01.01.2006 2:14 am

the forums at japanese.about.com used to be the best, but then Prospero "improved it" so that japanese text would'nt display. We were outraged--naturally--and made mass exodus to http://www.delphiforums.com/nihongoforum which was created by Tony to meet our need for a new home, at least temporarily.

The natural consequence was the japanese forum at about pretty much died when all the regulars boycotted it so that the moderator raised enough of an outcry to get japanese text restored, at least in the base messages. Japanese will still not display in titles and was only recently restored in signatures. I guess it is time for me to restore my old sig.

When they fixed japanese text in messages (for PC users anyway) most of us came back grudgingly. Now it lags a little behind thejapanespage so far as traffic goes, but the traffic there can still exceed the traffic here sometimes. Some of us migrated here during the worst of the improvements.
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby Daisuke » Sun 01.01.2006 8:01 am

Clay's site is the best..

Here is everything of what you need to study for free, and lots of people to discuss Japan and learn with.

The site has a pretty design and easy to navigate.

Thanks Clay!
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby Hatori » Sun 01.01.2006 1:25 pm

L33TNINJA wrote:
i second that! this is the best study site i know of!

this is like the best sight ever. sometimes i check out other ones and they kinda suck a little.
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby bookworm247 » Sun 01.01.2006 2:35 pm

I learn more on this site than i do in my japanese class;)
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby Sachi » Sun 01.01.2006 7:34 pm

Yes, thanks, Clay! I really was going nowhere with other Japanese sites I was using (before I had a textbook) and I learned so much here, and I still am! Everyone really is very helpful here :)
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby OT86 » Thu 01.05.2006 11:13 am

I second that :p

Actually I used to use this site about 2 years ago and quite by chance found it again (im surprised I ever forgot it).

I've got to say that the lesson information provides a great start to learning Japanese and is impressively broad for a free site.

It's certainly improved since the last time I was here, but that's no small feat considering how good it was ;)

thanks to Clay and everyone who contributes to this site. Even if you've just made a few helpful posts on the forums, chances are you've brought somebody a tiny bit closer to mastering a great language.

Expect to see a lot of me around here
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby Gan » Thu 01.05.2006 1:20 pm

YeaH!!! this is a great site..... Better than any of the others that I have found..... And the best part is its free! I mean other sites want you to pay money on flash card systems and the like but if i wanted to do that I would just well make my own. Regardless this is a great site. And anyone who doesnt agree, I have serious pity for. Because like i said its the best site, and thier missing out on alot. Thanks Clay!! and everyone who helps out. :)
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby kaywala » Thu 01.05.2006 1:28 pm

This is the best site that I've checked out ^^ It doesn't confuse me and it's a lot prettier to look at than the other sites....^^
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RE: The grass is always greener...

Postby amego » Mon 01.09.2006 1:23 am

yar yea yep !!!  Clayは一番!!! :D
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