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Postby ValerieValira » Wed 07.10.2013 10:32 pm


And that's about all I've got! I've been studying Japanese for about 3 months now but am very much still a total newbi (I know my kana and about 30 Kanji and can understand about 5% of what's going on when listening to Japanese podcasts or playing Japanese video games). But self studying is hard and it's even harder not having anyone to practice with. I live in a very rural part of the USA where everyone knows everyone and everyone knows no one speaks Japanese. But I'm quickly approaching 30 and have wanted to learn Japanese since I was a pre-teen. Now or never, right?

I just bought the first volume of the Genki book and workbook and hope to make my way through a chapter a week at the beginning. My goal this year is to take the JLPT N5 exam (and maybe even pass!)

I'm here looking for like minded people to study with- perhaps a mentor or two or three. And to just enjoy learning!
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Postby SomeCallMeChris » Thu 07.11.2013 11:21 pm

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