Translating a Chinese name

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Translating a Chinese name

Post by kkh40219 » Sun 07.14.2013 9:22 pm

Hello, I've a problem about how I should translate my name into Japanese. I've got both a Chinese name and a Western name. Although the Western name is just a transliterated version of my Chinese name. So should I use the katakana version of my Western name or my Chinese name?

Last name: 黄
First name: 家健

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Re: Translating a Chinese name

Post by shin1ro » Tue 07.16.2013 7:47 am

In Japan, Chinese people's names are read in Japanese way, On-readings (音読み) but they're not translated.
As for your name:
Last name: 黄 こう (Kō or Ko or Kou or maybe Koh)
First name: 家健 か・けん (Ka-ken)

In Japanese writings/prints, your name will be the same as in China
 黄 家健
but will be read as:
 こう かけん
 Kō Kaken.

(Contrary, in China, Japanese names are pronounced in Chinese way.)


(Edit: Contrary << On the contrary)
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