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Postby drobertbaker » Tue 07.16.2013 1:58 pm

本は読んどけ is a slogan said by a book lover. I have never seen this んどけ construction before and cannot understand it. I can find no references whatsoever on the Web.

My best guess is "Keep on reading books" assuming that that んどけ is some kind of contraction of 置く.

Is anyone familiar with this?
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Re: 本は読んどけ

Postby Ongakuka » Tue 07.16.2013 6:19 pm

It means 本は読んでおけ (おけ is the imperative of おく)

~ておく means to do (verb) for the sake of preparation or future purpose. Without context, and considering the imperative, your quote sounds to me like 'try reading books (before you do/say that stupid thing)' rather than something a book lover would say. That could be completely off, so I can't help more without context.

Edit: Actually I think you were flat out right to begin with. If it's a slogan and a one-liner it probably means 'get reading' or something. I didn't think about it enough :sweatdrop:
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Re: 本は読んどけ

Postby shin1ro » Thu 07.18.2013 11:17 pm

Even if it's a slogan without little context, it would sound to me like suggesting preparations for your very general future. For example, "for your knowledge of common sense" or "to grow up as an (proper) adult".
I think Ongakuka's "get reading" is nice :)

英語がおかしければご指摘ください(日本語も...)。サンキュ〜 ;-)
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Re: 本は読んどけ

Postby Shiroisan » Fri 07.19.2013 1:41 am

Nobody addressed yet why it's

In spoken/casual speech it's common to shorten the てお・でお of ておく・でおく to と・ど。 

書いておく -> 書いとく
急いでおく -> 急いどく
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