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Japanese music

Postby haganai » Mon 07.29.2013 6:15 pm

okay so i have about 1200 Jpop songs. with artists consisting of BENI, Azu,Koda kumi, Kana Nishino, MAY's Thelma Aoyama, Ayumi Hamasaki and Scandal. If you know most of those people i listed you will notice they all do slow music which is what im into when it comes to japanese music. wel technicaly its pop and R&B but does anyone know any artist very similar to the ones i listed above? and Do you guys know where i can download alot of Jpop from one place? all the good sites like iihoneyjoo are gone..sometimes i have to search page after page on google untill i find a website with the downloads i need. and torrenting doesnt work i already tried it
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