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Seeking Study Partner

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Seeking Study Partner

Postby Xekaz » Sat 08.10.2013 2:37 pm

Hello, my name is Christian, and I've wanted to learn Japanes for a few years now.
I recently started online tests and lessons weekly, and 2 apps on my IPhone.
In the first day I already learned the vowels: あ、え、い、お、う。
In order in English. (a e i o u).
See! I did it! :D

Anyway, i tried to start learning the k-vowels (ka, ke, ku, etc). And find it really difficult now :/
Im seeking a more experianced Partner to help me learn easier. I don't care to learn quicker, i'd just like it to be easier to memorize (ex: certain methods).

I'd really appriciate anybody willing to be my partner!
I'm almost 20 by the way. :) Sept 1st.
Anyway, heres my cotact info;

Skype: Chrstian.Davis (misspelled on purpose).
Email: xekazvg@gmail.com
Facebook: Christian Xekaz

Hope to hear from someone soon! :)
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Re: Seeking Study Partner

Postby Shiroisan » Sun 08.11.2013 4:04 pm

Pro-tip: Practice hiragana in Japanese order. Anything to disassociate from English lettering is helpful, since they're not. Japanese order is A I U E O. Ka Ki Ku Ke Ko, etc.
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Re: Seeking Study Partner

Postby Xekaz » Mon 08.12.2013 2:41 am

Thanks for the tip! It should deffinately become useful for me! :) thanks for helping!
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