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Post by AikiDoctor » Wed 08.21.2013 10:11 pm

Hello everyone!

My name is Nathan, I am here to learn to properly Read/Write and Speak Japanese.

I have been training in Aikido for near 10 years, I have my own Dojo in Texas.
Because of this, I have always been interested in learning to speak, and understand the language.
I know many many words and phrases in Japanese through Martial Arts, but I have never truly been able to understand/translate them, more just parroting and repeating what I have heard and been taught.

These past couple of weeks, I have been learning the Hirigana, and am starting to retain several of the symbols and characters, and am able to transcribe from Romaji to Hirigana, only looking at the Hirigana Chart every once in a while.

But the issue I am having, is locating how to actually translate into english.

I may be able to read Romaji, and Hirigana for pronunciation but it is doing me no good, if I don't know what they mean..

Thats my next step. That is the main reason I am here, to learn what the Japanese words mean, and ingrain them in my memory to make translating/speaking/reading second nature.

I am excited to learn, and to grow with everyone at TJP! so far this website and community have shown great potential, and great information.

Looking Forward,

Yondan Tomiki Aikido

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Re: Introduction

Post by XII » Thu 08.29.2013 5:24 am

Nice to Meet you. :)

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